List of HCE (Host Card Emulation) Apps

I like lists and I like NFC therefore here comes a list of Android apps that emulate contactless smartcards on an Android Phone >=4.4 with HCE (Host-based Card Emulation):

Update: 2017-06-12
* AID A0000007220001
* Backwerk Kundenkarte

* AID A0000007220000
* Nordsee Gutscheinkarte

Host-based Card Emulation
* Android API Guide

Android Host-based Card Emulation connected to ACR122U
* AID F0010203040506, F0394148148100
* Blog
* Source Code

* AIDs A0000000041010 (MasterCard), A0000000043060 (Mastercard Maestro Debit)
* App

* AIDs A0000000041010 (MasterCard), A0000000043060 (Mastercard Maestro Debit)
* App

* AIDs A0000000031010 (Visa)
* App

* AIDs F0394148148100
* App

* AIDs A0000000041010 (MasterCard), A0000000031010 (Visa International), A0000000980840 (Visa US Common Debit), F101010101
* App

* AIDs A0000006181010 (???), A0000000031010 (Visa), A0000000041010 (MasterCard)
* App

* AIDs D2760001670001 (PAYBACKPAY), D2760001670002 (PAYBACKCOLLECT), D2760001670003 (PBPAYCOLLECT)
* App

ING Mobile Payments
* AIDs A0000000043060 (Mastercard Maestro Debit)
* App

* AIDs A0000000031010 (Visa), A0000000032010 (VISA Electron Debit)
* App

NAB (National Australia Bank)
* AIDs A0000000031010 (Visa), A0000000980840 (Visa US Common Debit)
* App

La tua banca per Android
* AIDs A0000000041010 (MasterCard), A0000000032010 (VISA Electron Debit), A0000000031010 (Visa)
* App

Virtual PKI Smart Card
* AID A0000000010101
* Blog
* Source Code

* AID A0000000031010 (Visa)
* Blog
* App Download
* Source Code
* also available as JavaCard Applet

TechBooster / C85-Android-4.4-Sample: NdefCard
* AID D2760000850101 (NXP Semiconductors, NDEF Tag Application V2.0)
* Source Code

Google Wallet
* AID F0F00777FF5511
* App

* AID A0000000041010 (MasterCard), A0000000031010 (Visa), A0000002771010 (Interac)
* App
* SimplyTapp

Mobile Bitcoin Payment Solution
* AID F0F00777FF5511
* Mensa an Uni Züri akzeptiert Bitcoins
* Download or Google Play

LiqPay (Ukraine’s PrivatBank)
* AID A0000000041010 (MasterCard), 325041592E5359532E4444463031 (PPSE ‚2PAY.SYS.DDF01‘)
* App
* Website

* AID F04E4643535059 (nfcspy xposed mod), F04E66E75C02D8 (androcheck’s xposed mod (xda)), …many many other / all
* App
* Source Code

Module for NFC Host-Card-Emulation (HCE) Catch-All Routing
* AIDs: receive all APDUs packets for ANY AID
* Website/Info
* XDA-Forum Thread:
[DEV] Xposed module: KitKat Card-Emulation catch-all AID Routing
* Source Code

VirtualJavaScriptCard – Host-based Card Emulation with JavaScript
* AIDs: A000000151000000, A000000003000000, A0000000031010, A0000000041010, A000000167413000ff, 315041592e5359532e4444463031
* Source Code

EMVemulator – Android app collects Mag-Stripe data and CVC3 codes from PayPass cards and emulates that informations
* AIDs: A0000000041010 (MasterCard), 325041592E5359532E4444463031 (PPSE ‚2PAY.SYS.DDF01‘)
* Source Code

NFC-Matric-System-Demo – demo application for the Mobile Matric Card project for the National University of Singapore
* AIDs: F0010203040506, F0394148148100
* Source Code

CUA redi2PAY
* CUA (Credit Union Australia) redi2PAY payment app
* Homepage

BBVA Wallet
* BBVA launches the first commercial solution for Visa cloud-based mobile payments
* Google Play Store

* Wirecard erweitert Mobile Wallet Plattform um HCE-Technologie
* Proxama and Cryptomathic: EMV Tokenised Transaction (EMV-TT)
* Visa to Enable Secure, Cloud-Based Mobile Payments
* MasterCard to Use Host Card Emulation (HCE) for NFC-Based Mobile Payments
* SecureKey Connect Authentication Service Supports Google Android HCE
* Banco Sabadell picks Carta for HCE payments trial
* Sberbank, Biggest Bank So Far to Adopt Host Card Emulation, Aims for 3 Million Users